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Financial planning

several close regulator points out that P2P loan amount should be mainly small, decentralized, adhere to the online mode and prevent loan concentration risk. 2015, Chinese P2P lending services white paper points out that, in 29 samples in their platform, there are 20 P2P lending concentration above 50%.

pointed out that the draft regulation May come earlier, supervision of the single exposure on a single platform. Qualified for the loan of the same borrower on the same platform is limited to 5 million Yuan outstanding loan ceiling of some 20 million Yuan.

but according to a new reporter to a number of people in the industry recognizes that current borrowing limit, loan balance limit does not state clearly the limits of the request, but stressed the P2P adjust according to their risk capacity to guard against loan concentration risk. (See the caixin weekly 2015 47th "P2P clear regulatory paths"),

"supervision of determined mainly P2P service roots finance, consumer credit and micro-finance. "P2P company banking CEO fan Shen Lei in Beijing on financial reporters, although without limit, but large enterprises ' financing risk is too high, not scale. In addition to registering Golden threshold, not set to cancel the leverage limit, financed by the bank deposit and other requirements for information disclosure, supervision also had a certain principle. P2P industry concern, information disclosure is fully disclosed, or basic disclosure.

"such as Xin credit in actual operations, for control risks, a rigorous examination of the borrowers, but sensitive information, borrowers are reluctant to publicly disclosed to the society. "Zhou Zhihan pointed out, want to supervise details grading information disclosure, the vast majority of information to the public, but the core of sensitive information can be disclosed to regulators.

according to fiscal new reporter understand, in information disclosure this a, regulatory not mentioned grading management, but requirements to lending people full disclosure financing party basic information, including income, and main debt, and credit report; financing project basic information, including project of main content, and repayment source, and financing uses, and amount, and term, and interest rate, and credit rating situation,, also to disclosure financing party has some debt information.

close to the regulator pointed out that P2P lenders and borrower qualifications authenticity, authenticity, financing projects for the necessary audit. If fraud is found, should be timely notice and termination of activities of network. P2P network should also be in an eye-catching manner prompted credit risk. Platform itself also requires disclosure of information.

an Internet financial associations have pointed out that P2P to disclose the amount, number of transactions, loans balances, the biggest single household balance, loans overdue amounts and compensatory amounts, loans overdue rates, loan default rates, the number of lenders and borrowers number and other information. Meanwhile, disclosure of annual reports, audited financial statements, and depository institutions, and so on.