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RMB exchange rate to a 4-year low

on December 10, after China's interbank foreign exchange trading Center opened, onshore Renminbi (CNY) and by the international offshore renminbi transactions form (CNH), continued to fall trends. In offshore renminbi exchange rate devaluation of the open 0.07%, then to 6.4328, continue to refresh 4-year low.

as of press time, Yuan 6.4378, depreciated 0.15%. The same day, the official dollar-Yuan central parity at 6.4236 in August 2011, low, lower for four consecutive days; the previous day price 6.4140 to close at 6.4280.

10th, CNH continues to shock value, reduce breaking 6.52 points. As of press time, the dollar-Yuan exchange rate 6.5246, devaluation 0.27%. Yuan has not yet fully convertible and capital projects have limited case, offshore and onshore Yuan market is delimited, so tend to spread.

current price difference between them nearly 900 basis points. You can also reflect the future trend of the Renminbi non-deliverable forward (NDF), the 10th most variety trend of devaluation.

message level, statistics released on December 9, China in November's consumer price index (CPI) and industrial producer prices index (PPI) data shows that CPI was flat from, rose 1.5%;PPI fell 0.5%, down 5.9%.

9th Treasury requirements of the interim measures for the administration of government investment funds, government investment fund shall not invest in stocks, futures, real estate fund in the secondary market government investment funds should support innovation and entrepreneurship, support for small and medium enterprises development, shall not be engaged in financing guarantees security and other services.