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+ Shareholders living in the age of the Internet strategy

+ Shareholders living in the age of the Internet strategy

I have a relative, are also shareholders, and 90 of the last century into the stock market, two years ago when I was home with him and found he was still trading under the call to the sales department. It makes me feel a little weird, in today's Internet age, such orders, how can it adapt to the stock market's ever-changing it? Of course if it was purely to do long term, and perhaps make do.

but this year, my relatives, can use the QQ online Exchange with me, because the home was drawn into the wire last year in the village, he got a computer, Internet access to view information and ordering stock. Present use networks to stock, probably sometimes too remote and can't access the network, but I think by today's network coverage, there are a lot of people because they do not dare to try new technology and willing to "hide" in the old habits and ways of thinking, don't want to change.

when the "Internet +" when the words appear constantly before our eyes, we may be in doubt, "the Internet +" what can you bring to the shareholders? If the "Internet +" turn what will miss?

shareholders heard for the first time Internet "+" when, for the first time on the market will ever think of looking for "Internet +" concept. On the two sessions this year, was first proposed in the Government work report Premier Li keqiang "+ Internet" action plan. Internet Conference, which starts on Wednesday, again "the Internet +" concept to new heights. "The Internet +" strategies have all walks of life to accelerate penetration, Internet banking, Internet medical education, Internet, Internet car Internet "+" field into a hot stock market, also gave birth to such as flush, full education, "Yao Qi" Daniel unit.

"the Internet +" as a plan of action aimed through the Internet penetration and fusion in various industries, to transform traditional industries, to achieve industrial upgrading, they can also generate more new industries, promote the rapid and healthy development of the national economy. Of course, in "the Internet +" era, as shareholders, we also have to improve their survival strategy in the market. I think you can in several ways to accommodate "+ the Internet."


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