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Reduced for any money back from the stock market?

Reduced for any money back from the stock market?

as the Fed rate meeting approached, devaluation of the Renminbi against the dollar continues. As of 15th, the Yuan parity rate against the dollar has decreased by 7 days in a row and exceeded 6.45 points, refresh the nearly 4.5-year low. Leading financial website Zerohedge predicted the devaluation of the Yuan's future still 10%-15% space, in one hour, around many small partners were buying dollars to hedge against inflation. But if non-student party, Hai Tao party, the impact of devaluation on you little, in fact, come to think of it, 10% in a-share is a trading Board.

so devaluation but little impact? In addition to the hoarding of dollars, how to use stocks to resist devaluation?

following the money that you answered.

Q1: why the recent devaluation of the Renminbi? The main trigger of the devaluation of the renminbi is China's foreign exchange reserves fell by $ 87.2 billion more than expected November. But from a deeper level, the renminbi is logical because of the devaluation of the dollar accumulated a larger growth in the index in the past year, making passive appreciation on a trade-weighted real effective exchange rate of RMB, distortions affect the import and export situation of China's economic growth, China, objectively existing depreciation requirements. Devaluation is not the past few days, began on August 19, the third round crash fuse 8.11 change directly, but also led to a plunge in global markets. Then central banks to maintain exchange rate stability before joining SDR, heavy selling of dollars. Exchange rates and stock markets stabilise in the near future, suppressed before the devaluation of the Renminbi needs again to be released.

coupled with Friday's Central Bank under China foreign exchange trade system (CFETS) officially released CFETS RMB exchange rate index, in an attempt to replace the dollar index. This behavior is the market interpreted the Central Bank's opinion, means that there is still room for further depreciation of RMB.

Q2: the impact of devaluation of the Renminbi? Short term, the impact hit by the devaluation of the Renminbi, outflow of funds, settlement, asset reduction of foreign currency pressures, RMB assets will come under pressure, led by real estate, face repricing issues. But due to limited depreciation and devaluation also meant the Yuan more market-oriented exchange rate, overall, for the mood of the market is not very big.